3-day workshop: “Move beyond Self-Doubts”

  • Heel goed, een fijne ervaring. Ik heb Avatar gedaan maar ik had verder geen meditatie ervaring. Je werkt veel met (stem)geluid, dat is erg bijzonder en kwam goed bij mij binnen. Jouw enthousiasme is erg aanstekelijk! – Adriana

I am so grateful for the 3-day seminar Eveline generously offered to help us resolve our issues to move beyond self-doubt. Eveline was well organized and able to lead our group in engrossing interactive  discussion of her slides; as well as lead us into multiple deep meditations and physical movements to integrate the teachings into our minds & bodies. I found it to be very helpful, relaxing, & peaceful. I am very grateful to the amazing efforts and information that Eveline shared.- Peggy Lee

  • Thank you so much for emailing the link to the first day. It was wonderful. I love your spirit and soul and so appreciate you sharing your love and spirit with us. Many thanks. – Jennifer

Participating with Eveline’s group is inspiring on a daily basis. I had some personal struggles and couldn’t make it to every class. The group was so welcoming. The experience was “grounding” along with giving hope to step out into this adventure of life we live. – Stella

  • It was an amazing journey. I completely felt safe in the group. Such a great energy. Every time, at the beginning of the Workshop,  the card you took for me was spot on how I felt that day.  The Workshop Move beyond Self-Doubts first made me realize that I still had Self-Doubts from my childhood.  Old feelings came back I did not have for a long time. With the deeper questions of Eveline this I could handle them and give it a place in my live. What was written in the PowerPoint presentation made me realize were I was in my process. Also later in the sessions I could immediately handle old feelings. The sound of the instruments and Eveline her voice brought me into a very relaxed position to go even deeper in my process. Everything together made it a great journey I can use for a long time. – Johannes

Eveline’s workshop was a very powerful journey. Everything was new for me, and I was genuinely captivated for the entire period! She is very passionate, and her energy could be felt through all the meditations. Kind and focused, she divided her attention between all of us, making sure we were all comfortable following the steps.

Very well structured, this workshop is packed with information and practical exercises. You get for sure the clarity you need in order to effectively approach the intention you wrote at the beginning of the workshop. Patient and very intuitive, she helps you unfold your messages!

Thank you so much, dear Eveline, for the amazing experience, for your time and generosity! You are amazing and your workshop is unique! – Love, Carmen