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Please push picture to listen and watch the 2 minute sound fragment of the videopresentation. You can buy the whole meditation of 16.54 minutes Total cost: 20.00 euro. here:

This is a beautiful 16.54 minute videopresentation of the meditation with the title: The vibration of playfulness, fun and laughter. Eveline guides you with her inviting and inspiring voice and beautfiul pictures on a journey to connect on a deeper level with the vibration of playfulness, fun and laughter deep inside of you. This beautiful soul and sound journey invites you to connect on a deeper level with your imagination, intuition, inner child, inner smile, inner power, inner strength and messenger guide, whom you can ask for whatever you need to ask for right now. You will feel lighter, more inspired, relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. Ready to go to sleep or ready to take some action: whatever is suited at that moment for you. Total cost: 20.00 euro. You will receive a private link of the videopresentation.