10-week program – Connie, Calgary

I found the sound healing sessions very interesting as have never experienced anything like it before.  My topic of self-care and healthy boundaries has definitely shifted from the first session to the last and I feel an internal calmness around this I never felt before.  I always find trying rate something on a scale of 1 to 10 difficult but tried to do it with feeling in my body and what number came up rather than in my head and thinking.  I believe these sessions were based in bodily feelings rather than being in my head.  Some sessions were easier than others to stay in my body, but I always felt so much better after.  In some sessions I would go deeply in my body and barely hear the sounds of the healing session.  Other times I would find the sounds to be somewhat loud and irritating. Each session brought a shift of energy that I could feel.  These shifts ranged from tingling sensations in my body, feeling happy and giggly, feeling a sense of relief or lightness, and seeing personal changes in my routines.  Enjoyed the difference in the interactive sessions versus the more passive sessions.  Found that so many of the messages spoken in the interactive sessions resonated in me while stumbling in others.  Maybe these are the ones I really needed to hear.  With the passive sessions it gave opportunity to really go deeper into the body and integrate the work.  In retrospect, I see how I have made changed in my daily routines where I say no more often to various invitations, leaving more time to nurture my soul.  In reflection, I also realize there are many small things I do for are self-care that I never even thought if as self-care.  I am starting to nourish my body with better foods and exercise and sticking to my physio regiment for my hip arthritis.  This was something I had stopped making time for but is making a difference in how I feel. Thank you so much for having me as part of these sound healing sessions. Sending my love.  Connie