10-week program – Shelley, Ottawa

I found that your voice was very relaxing- in the relaxation I felt your voice embodied the relaxation as your voice sounded relaxed and increasingly more relaxed as you guided me to relax. From the first session I felt at ease and trusted what you were guiding me towards. Your words and voice itself sounded very musical as if it were part of the musical instruments. It blended in as if part of the sound waves. I found you also very encouraging and enthusiastic. I felt lifted up by your motivation and enthusiasm, and I felt confident that I could make the changes in outlook and attitude which we discussed.

The musical instruments were ethereal and transported me beautifully into a meditative state. Sometimes I could barely hear them, but I FELT them…. it’s as if they were surrounding me in a cocoon of healing energy. I found this a Very sweet, caring and cared for feeling or energy. Sometimes in the meditation I could see clouds of colored light swirling around me…. that felt like love energy.

I noticed that over the course of the sessions I pushed myself more to get things done. I’ve been fairly depressed for the past couple of years and have had very low energy. I feel that the sound healing has helped me to stop procrastinating. I’ve completed several projects which I’d been dragging my feet with, and that boosts my confidence.

I loved the idea of letting go of what I don’t need by thanking it and giving it to Mother Earth to care for- the idea that nothing is ” bad” it’s just unneeded.

I felt very respected and treated with great care and kindness.

Overall, I feel that I have benefited in a very positive way which is difficult to pinpoint- very subtle but also very evident to me. I think that sound healing will be hugely important in the future of medicine. I really believe that a person’s whole attitude can be altered by sound treatment. Oh I forgot to mention: your voice sometimes sounded like a ” sound saw” 🪚sawing away what wasn’t needed ( energetically). Sometimes I imagined or envisioned Tibetan Monks chanting while you made these sounds.