10-week program – Susan, New York

Working with Eveline is such a delight! She is the sweetest, kindest, most loving person I have ever met; she exudes pure love and joy and just being in her presence brightened my day. Her 10 sessions were amazing. Eveline has a unique way of combining sound healing, with meditation and hypnosis. When I started with Eveline I was going through a difficult time and was unfocused, overworked, and hyper.During her sessions she guided me deep into meditative states and as she played the singing bowls, I sank deeper and deeper into calmness. Her music was beautiful, but when she started to sing, that is when the magic happened. Her voice created a light show of bright colors across my eyes- neon green and bright pinks. When the colored veils cleared, I was transported into a magical realm where fairy’s danced and mermaids sang.  It was breathtaking, and when I awoke, I felt focused, happy, and calm! After 10 sessions with Eveline I am a new person. I am relaxed, focused, and am getting more work done.  I continue to practice what she taught me every morning. I am truly grateful for all Eveline’s talents and the major effects they have had on my life.  I will continue to do more sessions with Eveline and highly recommend her to everyone seeking personal and spiritual growth. –   Susan.